Integrity Sports and Performance Consultants

DNA Sports is partnered with Integrity Sports and Performance Consultants to offer Peak Approach, an innovative program offered exclusively by renowned sports performance psychologist Dr. David Udelf.

Peak Approach teaches the necessary habits to those seeking sports performance excellence. Participants will learn about the traits, processes, and habits that characterize the preparation of elite performers in sports, the arts, and business.

In addition, participants will be guided in how to develop and apply effective practice, learning, communication, work ethic, mental toughness, and leadership to their own chosen pursuits.

Extensive involvement in youth-focused programs and athletics combined with diverse professional experience with children and adolescents gives Dr. Udelf a unique perspective on young people, performance, sports, coaching, and parents. He is a trained American Sports Education Program/National Federation Interscholastic Coaches (ASEP/NFICEP) instructor, teaching the principles for effective, successful coaching and instruction of youth sports.