College Recruiting for Baseball and Softball

At DNA Sports, we want to provide you the recruiting education and resources you need to successfully get recruited to play college baseball or softball.

Questions to Ask College Coaches

One of the key components to the recruiting process is asking questions. Our list of questions will help you obtain the essential knowledge you need before signing your athletic scholarship.

Recruiting Rules by Division

College baseball and softball recruiting rules vary depending on the level of play—D-I, -II, -III, or NAIA—and the student athlete's year in high school. Learn when and how you can begin communicating with college coaches.

College Recruiting by the Numbers

Learn the key statistics about college recruiting, including the average number of scholarships available at each college and where the highest percentage of collegiate opportunities exist.

Evaluating College Recruiting Resources

The amount of recruiting resources available to student athletes can be overwhelming. We separate the fact from fiction to provide you the information you need to guide your athlete to success.