Creating Leverage in the College Baseball and Softball Recruiting Process

Keep all of your options open when it comes to recruiting.

Do not shut the door on any coach who is interested in you, even if you are not interested in them. The bottom line is that the more schools that you are involved with, the greater leverage you have in the recruiting process. In addition, if the recruiting process does not work out favorably with your top schools of choice, you still have other alternatives as long as you keep your options open.

It is critical to follow up with all information that college coaches send to you.

Just as college coaches have a list of 15-30 recruits per position, you should have a list with many options as well. If you put all of your eggs in one or two baskets, you may run the risk of entirely shutting yourself out of the process. Never ignore college coaches because you have never heard of the schools they represent! You may find out that this particular school may just be the perfect place for you.

Understand that the more research you do on schools, the more you will understand what your personal preferences are.

You may find that what was once your last choice could soon become your first after taking a closer look. In addition, college coaches change jobs frequently. A coach who recruits you at a school that does not interest you may be one year away from getting a job at a school that does interest you.

Create a sense of urgency with other coaches by having as many potential and real offers as possible.

Coaches will ask you what other schools you are considering or if you have received offers from other schools. Be honest with them about other offers or interest from other schools; college coaches have a way of finding out the truth eventually, so it is best not to play games with this.

Understand that you as a student athlete represent your family, school, and coaching staff.

Show some integrity by taking the time to follow up with all coaches who contact you. If a school contacts you that you are absolutely not interested in, at the very least thank the coach for his/her interest, and respectfully let him/her know that you will be going in a different direction. By handling the recruiting process with class and integrity, you will not hurt the chances of your current and future teammates who may be recruited by that same coach.