We vs. Me

Have you ever heard youth coaches tell their players, "Do this for me.” or “I really need a hit or strikeout.” or “I want to beat that team."? Notice “I” or “me.” Is there any mention of “team”?

I have heard variations of these quotes too many times, and it disturbs the DNA staff that a lot of youth coaches care about winning and not about teaching the game correctly.

This type of coach sends two dubious messages: the players are playing to please you; and you only care about the immediate result and not the development of the whole player, including playing as a good teammate.

Youth players are easily swayed, and when they hear “I” from coaches over and over again, they can start feeling pressure to succeed—a pressure that’s intensified because it comes from an adult. The players also start to think of themselves first, instead of the team first.

Team sports means playing for each other—playing for the “we” not the “me.”