The DNA Sports Approach to Coaching Youth Basketball

After being involved for several years in our mission to improve the quality of coaching youth baseball locally and nationally, DNA SPORTS is now branching out to train youth basketball coaches everywhere to develop interested athletes become basketball players by stressing individual performance and understanding of team play and concepts.

Basketball is different from baseball because you HAVE to depend on your teammates to succeed. Therefore you must have sound coaching to communicate that fact. And it has to begin on the first day a kid starts playing organized basketball.

After coaching every level of basketball from youth programs to high school to college, I have realized that the older kids get, especially males, the more resistant they are to coaching unless they've been taught and communicated with correctly when they first started playing basketball.

I currently coach high school basketball and we always have kids that have played on AAU or travel teams and have absolutely no idea how to play fundamental basketball, individually or team-wise. So of course I wonder if anything is taught on the youth level or are coaches just out to win games.

As we have explained in coaching youth baseball, winning games should be the last priority of youth coaches. Have you seen how out of whack our adult society’s focus on winning youth games is? Parents fight with other parents. Coaches and parents blast youth referees. Parents relentlessly criticize volunteer coaches. Coaches fight and argue with other coaches. It goes on and on.

Well it stops now!! What's wrong here is everything!! Get a grip, adults!! I've gone to sixth grade games where the final score is 10 to 8. And, of course, one set of parents is happy and the other is not. Well, they all should be upset. Look at the score! That's what we're talking about. I'd be more upset that there was not enough scoring because of shooting and passing skills deficiencies. I’d want to work together to find solutions.

So, through a series of articles, videos and a new book, DNA Sports will attempt to change the playing court so to speak by teaching basketball coaches what to prioritize. And that will always be to develop childrens’ skills, exactly what is done academically, and not to satisfy parents or coaches' egos, which NEVER matters.

Rather than focusing on specific offenses and defenses (we’ll still have some advice on these), we will focus on how basketball coaches can structure their programs. We’ll also provide advice on how to effectively communicate with youth athletes so they can maximize their innate talent, understand various roles on their teams and become productive and positive contributors to their programs.

Doesn't that sound great!! And sane!!

Learn more about our youth basketball coach training programs and our players clinics. We have also published an e-book to help teach the correct way to shoot: The Do's and Don'ts of Basketball Shooting.