Keeping Up with the Joneses: Part 10 - Epilogue

We had our winter sports banquet last night. Coach G was eloquent in summarizing our season. He introduced every player and was very magnanimous with all despite some social media garbage by a couple of guys. Coach is really a fair man. He not only has given athletes second chances, he ignores their missteps and understands his position as a role model. One day some of the more ungrateful players maybe will understand and appreciate him, and they'll be better adults for it.

My purpose for writing this diary was to give the interested public a behind-the-scenes look of an average high school basketball program. We had a great and gratifying season with a bunch of normal kids, and judging from their comments, a season they are proud of and will remember forever. The players weren't big, they didn't have overwhelming speed or quickness, they didn't shoot 3's or free throws well, and we were too undersized to be an effective rebounding team. Yet we won because the team played with defensive tenacity, which led to an abundance of steals and layups and had great chemistry.

Devin was an extraordinary leader, Chidi was an intense competitor, and Ellington was an extremely gifted all-around player. And they were so coachable and hungry to excel. They deserved the season they had, and they were great models for our young players. This is why I coach.