Teaching the Right Baseball Pitching Mechanics by Showing Players the Wrong Way First

Purposely showing youth baseball players the wrong mechanics first can often help them grasp the correct fundamentals quicker. We instruct pitchers to land their front foot heel first. We know this will result in cutting off their hip rotation and jarring their throwing release point. We then tell them why this technique is wrong. At this point we have the players' attention.

We proceed to teach them the right pitching mechanics. We instruct them to either land flat or on the ball of the front foot. The pitcher's front knee bends and produces the maximum hip and shoulder rotation which is the key to adding more power to baseball pitches.

Another common error in youth pitchers' deliveries is throwing across the body which inhibits rotation after the front foot lands. This type of baseball pitcher is called an arm throwers and has an increased risk of arm injury. Once players learn this they will be much more receptive to instruction and will change in their deliveries.

One way to correct across the body throwers is make pitchers lift their front leg and not swing it, which will help to align the feet and improve command.

At your next youth baseball practice, try teaching correct pitching mechanics by showing the wrong way first. You can do the same with hitting principles as well.