Are You a Division I Prospect?

So many athletes think that playing Division I is the end all and the be all. Remember that the majority of college baseball and softball opportunities exist outside of Division I. Look for schools that are a good athletic fit instead of a school that you are already familiar with because they are D-I.

Many D-I caliber baseball or softball players may be better suited for D-II or a top level D-III/NAIA School instead. In addition, many Division I coaches are looking more and more towards Junior Colleges for their potential recruits.

If you are dead set on playing Division I, you must be open to playing at the Junior College level first. D-I coaches want players who have the ability to contribute right away. As a result, many Division I coaches prefer Junior College players as opposed to high school seniors. In addition, Junior College gives eighteen year old prospects two years to train, develop, and prepare for D-I competition.

You can consider yourself a serious Division I baseball or softball prospect if you:

  • have received a trail of consistent, personal letters from D-I coaches beginning September 1st of your Junior year
  • have received phone calls from D-I schools beginning July 1st after your junior year
  • have been contacted by any local D-I program
  • are considered an All-State or All-Area prospect