The Facts about College Showcases

Many student athletes say:  “I am going to 10 Showcases during the fall and summer, and each showcase company has provided me with a list of 30 schools who will be in attendance and names of past student-athletes who received scholarships after attending this showcase.  I will certainly be discovered at this event.”

FACT: The chances for student athletes to be discovered at college showcase are slim.

College coaches use showcases as a means of evaluating players they already know. In other words, many college coaches attend showcases with a list of players they are interested in evaluating. The players on this list are student athletes they have had prior contact with. If you are not on a coach’s radar prior to the showcase, chances are slim that they will be watching you when it is your time to perform.

FACT: Many showcase companies do not provide the proper forum for college coaches to entirely evaluate a student athlete’s strengths and capabilities.

Fielding 4 ground balls, making 4 throws from the outfield, taking 10 swings, and throwing 5-8 pitches in a bullpen is not nearly enough for any college coach to make a true evaluation of your talents.

FACT: It's debatable either showcases are fully responsible for Division I or Division II scholarship offers.

Many showcase companies list names of past high school athletes who attended their events and were later awarded an athletic scholarship from a Division I or Division II school. You can be sure that these players did not need the help from this particular showcase to get signed. The truth of the matter is that they would have received their scholarships, regardless if they attended this showcase or not.

FACT: College showcases are revenue generators for the companies who sponsor them.

The main priority for college showcase companies is to make every event profitable. Student athletes come second to this. This is not to say that many showcase companies do not care about student athletes, because I am sure they do at some level. However, it is important to keep in mind that student athletes are not number one on their list.

FACT: Showcases can be a valuable recruiting tool if used properly.

If you are interested in going to a showcase, choose one that will be attended by schools that you academically and athletically qualify for. Before you go to any showcase, find out the schools that will be in attendance, and contact those coaches at least a week before the event. This will help ensure that you will be evaluated by your schools of interest.