Evaluating College Recruiting Resources

The amount of recruiting resources available to student-athletes can be overwhelming.  If you type college recruiting into any internet search engine, you will easily be bombarded with hundreds of different resources aimed at helping student athletes in the college recruiting process. These resources include elite showcases, college camps, summer exposure travel teams, and college recruiting services. 

However, does the existence of these resources make college recruiting easier to understand?  Do all of these services provide each student-athlete with a greater chance of achieving success in the recruiting process compared to past generations when few of these resources existed?  Does the cost of these recruiting resources justify their benefits?

While there are certainly a greater amount of recruiting resources available to today’s student athletes, DNA Sports believes that their existence has caused greater confusion about the process, in addition to thousands of dollars wasted. 

Many families are also unclear as to how to properly utilize these available resources, a fact that further hinders student athletes from being successful with this process.

Not only do prospective college recruits and their families need to be educated about the recruiting process in general, but they also need to understand the truth behind all of these recruiting resources and their limitations in order to avoid destructive traps that can take student-athletes off the correct path.