Questions to Ask College Coaches

One of the key components to the recruiting process is asking questions.  College coaches are interested in student athletes who ask questions about their school and program.  In addition, many answers to the financial questions below are essential to know before signing your scholarship. Below is a list of sample questions you can ask a college coach:



Financial Aid


  • What is the best means for you to better evaluate me as a player?
  • What characteristics do you look for in your recruits?
  • What position do you see me playing at the next level?
  • What other players may be competing at the same position?
  • Will I be redshirted my freshman year?
  • How would you best describe your coaching style?
  • Who else are you recruiting at my position?
  • What are the long term goals of your program?
  • How do you see me fitting into those goals?


  • What are the academic strengths of your institution?
  • Who best should I contact to get a better insight on my intended major?
  • What academic support programs are available to student athletes?
  • If I have a diagnosed and documented disability, what kind of academic services are available to me?
  • How many credit hours should I take in season and out of season?
  • Is summer school available?
  • What percentage of players on scholarship graduate?

Financial Aid:

  • What does my potential scholarship cover?
  • What are my opportunities for employment while I am a student?
  • Am I eligible for additional financial aid?  Are there any restrictions?
  • Under what circumstances would my scholarship be reduced or cancelled?
  • Are there any academic criteria tied to maintaining my scholarship?
  • What scholarship money is available after eligibility is exhausted to help me complete my degree?
  • What scholarship money is available to me if I suffer a career ending injury?