Coaching D.E.P.T.H.

Any great youth baseball program follows the D.E.P.T.H. program--an acronym for discipline, execution, preparation, teamwork, and hustle. Discipline: Convincing players to trust what you have taught them and to keep believing it despite wanting to do it their own way in the heat of the game, which usually results in failure.

Execution: Executing plays, strategies, and skills by proven methods, through repetition of instruction without deviation.

Preparation: Getting your players ready for any type of situation or team.

Teamwork: Teaching every player their role within a team framework, and telling them to root for each other. As a coach, you need to make it known to parents and players from the first day of practice that team play is the only way.

Hustle: Making all players understand that they must go all-out on every play and letting them know that a less than 100% effort is unacceptable to everyone involved with the team.

If coaches preach D.E.P.T.H., the eventual result will be both team and individual success.