How We Evolve As Youth Baseball Coaches

With the advent of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, businesses get instant feedback. At DNA Sports we have had an extraordinary amount of positive responses plus suggestions of what consumers need or are searching for. It has helped us expand into areas in which we didn't originally specialize when we created our consulting service. We are really appreciative for the public's belief in our conscientiousness. While we certainly do not profess to know everything about baseball, we do have over 30 years of coaching, teaching, and recruiting experience and our material is based on field and never-ending research. When we have questions we ask peers or mentors. We always are testing our findings for functionality and correctness.

We also do not subscribe to one particular system or program. There are several philosophies that have been successful and are proven to be very sound. But we know we are diversified and educated enough to teach the style that best fits the athlete, with the proper communication skills so the athlete understands what we are saying. Plus, we always strive to keep coaches on the path to excellence by stressing what we have found is essential in leading athletes.

Our refusal to subscribe to one particular theory of hitting or pitching is worth mentioning further. In particular, we have come into contact with several private hitting and pitching trainers who teach a one size fits all approach to every athlete they work with.

They read a book, attend a few seminars, and/or watch several training videos from so called gurus in the field and regurgitate these theories like it’s gospel. While certain fundamentals apply across all ages and ability levels, the bottom line is you cannot teach every hitter to swing a bat or pitch a ball the same way.

Like any athlete, we take great pride as coaches to always better ourselves and improve our craft. Our philosophies and teachings are consistently evolving as we seek to understand how we can best meet the unique needs and circumstances of every athlete we come into contact with.