Use Indoor Practices to Focus on Solid Baseball Fundamentals

A key component of having a successful baseball team in cold weather cities is organized and efficient indoor baseball practices. Many coaches use indoor workouts for hitters and pitchers while ignoring individual and positional defense, bunting, and game situation plays. Their responses are usually along the lines as "it's not worth the time because the gym doesn't have the same dimensions as a baseball field."

This is a cop out.

The reality is baseball coaches choose to ignore skill fundamentals, defense, and situationals because these are not the glamor aspects of baseball or the coaches don't have knowledge or initiative to teach baseball fundamentals.

Baseball coaches can accomplish a lot with indoor baseball practices in a short period of time.

Coaches can engrain solid fundamentals in their players that will lead to winning before stepping foot on the baseball field. Fundamentals like the correct footwork for throwing from every position, proper throwing angles for every player, baserunning and basestealing techniques, the nuances of each position, and baseball strategy can be repeated daily without neglecting pitching and hitting.

Baseball coaches can also communicate their philosophies and systems clearer and easier because players are closer during indoor baseball practices and don't have outdoor distractions.

Don't wait for outdoor baseball practices. Prepare your baseball team to win outdoors by focusing on baseball fundamentals during indoors baseball practices.