Maximizing the Talent of Every Player on the Team

One of the biggest coaching challenges today in youth sports is improving the play of the non-star athletes, whether they are not physically developed, have never played before, or are raw from a lack of guidance. Just like all players have different backgrounds, so do coaches. Some coaches might have played baseball at a high level while others might never have played; both can be successful.

Player Coaches The coaches that have played tend to rely on their past and lag behind in new teaching and training methods while having difficulties relating to youth athletes just starting their careers. To get the most of their athletes, the experienced player turned coach must be open to change. The coach must adapt to age groups and skill levels and teach step-by-step hitting, pitching, and fielding techniques rather than just saying "watch what I do and copy it."

Non-Player Coaches The coaches who haven't played don't have experience as a tool to teach and must rely on researching proven techniques about what will work best with a particular age group. These coaches must do everything he or she can in terms of knowledge, research and communication to bridge the gap of lack of playing experience. They must also watch a lot of baseball of all levels and then communicate that knowledge to young players; this can seem daunting, but is achievable.

Coaching Resources Available To get the most out of every player on their team, all coaches need to continually gain knowledge and experience, perform research, effectively communicate with their players, and apply all proven coaching techniques and methods. If done correctly, the coach will maximize all of their athletes' innate talents.

Scour the internet for pertinent data. You can start with looking at the DNA Sports manuals, which cover everything you need to help a youth team succeed. Check out the videos posted on our website. Find baseball clinics to attend, including the clinics DNA offers). Lastly, email us any questions to DNA Sports if you need clarification on running drills or general baseball advice.

Remember, great coaching in youth sports lasts a lifetime for kids lucky enough to experience it, so all adults should take coaching seriously and learn to be a powerful, positive force in kids' lives.