Obliviously Teaching Bad Fundamentals

I have heard many coaches throughout my athletic life espousing their own philosophies and trying to brainwash their players to believe what the coaches think are absolute truths. For example, coaches have tried to explain to me that players, as hitters, must keep their back elbow up, roll their top hand at contact, stride toward the pitch, clear their front shoulder to hit an inside pitch, or collapse their back side to hit the ball hard in the air.

When I ask them why you teach these fundamentals, the most common answers are "I heard them from someone else" or "I don't know." Well, they obviously don't know because all those fundamentals are wrong! That's the problem with a lot of our youth coaches; they are very loose with wrong information.

The easiest thing to do to help youth athletes and to give them a chance at success in youth baseball is do research on the Internet and ask experts the correct ways to teach and coach. If you give kids the wrong advice, it will cause irreparable damage to their development. Take a little time, do some work, and get it right. The benefits are enormous!