A Shift to Public/Motivational Speaking for Dave Rosene of DNA Sports

A Note from Coach Rosene:

In 2009 Andy Pohl and I founded DNA Sports with the vision of creating a full service sports instructional business with cutting-edge material on our website. Our mission was to point youth coaches in the right direction with the best methods of teaching and organizing programs that would benefit and develop youth athletes. Our content was based on a combined 50 years of coaching, training, and teaching experience on youth levels ages 4-22. Based on consumer feedback, DNA Sports and dnasportsonline.com has been a success from a research source standpoint, but we have struggled financially. DNA produced a multitude of videos and offered related subject articles free to all with the hope that the public would follow up by signing up for clinics, on site seminars, webinars, paying for video analysis of athletes' techniques, and buying our recruiting package for prospective college athletes, priced very reasonably. But after six years, we have realized that youth coaches, with some exceptions, like to stick to what they know or what they've been taught, even if those methods have been proven to be not as efficient as updated teachings. We have also run into a lot of coaches that just don't know the fundamentals or absolutes of sports that have never changed. Some youth coaches also try to correlate MLB players to youth players and tell the players to watch and try to emulate what they see the player do, which is totally off-base. For example, in baseball we see players hitting with high hands and when we asked them why they were doing that they said they picked it up while watching several pro players. Our response is always that those are grown men you're watching and you can hardly keep the bat lifted up before you swing. 

Our biggest roadblock has been coaches' egoism and their resistance to change or listening to alternative methods. As teaching sports professionals, DNA does continual research and has results based on coaching youth, high school, and college on what is most successful with program building, teaching and coaching methods, and athlete communication. CHECK OUR CREDENTIALS! We also to do not recommend subscribing to teaching systems. We prefer coaches working with athletes' skill sets and adjusting their teaching methods to best develop the athletes, rather than young players trying to fit into philosophies that they can't understand because of their youth. But that usually doesn't happen, because very few coaches want to be more knowledgeable at voluntary activities. And that's where we have struggled with our progressive approach. 

We will continue to keep our website and Twitter account open, but due to lack of business we will not be adding new material. To try to subsidize our passion to develop coaches, programs and athletes, I will be available as a speaker. I would hate to categorize my style as motivational or inspirational. I would rather say that I can speak about any subject that relates to youth sports and its values and strengths. I will also say that I'm opinionated and passionate about what I believe in. In addition to a sports platform I have extensive experience with urban issues, diversity, leadership, and program building. Our primary focus is reaching out to businesses though we are not excluding schools, youth organizations, little leagues, or park districts. But businesses budget for outside speakers and that is what we are striving for. A particular slant that is of great interest to me is how sports values and concepts relates to and can increase business productivity. But many businesses might want just hear about sports at the grass roots level since most have children or other subject matter. We can handle it all. And both Andy Pohl and Tim Will are available to speak too. But this is what I'll be doing full time along with continuing to coach baseball and basketball at the high school level. 

We believe in DNA. If business increases to a point where we can publish new material we will do so. Thanks to everyone who have used DNA Sports and dnasportsonline.com as a go-to source for coaching and training information. Our intentions have always been to provide excellence without ego, to help children achieve their dreams and goals. In my next post, coming in the next day or two, I will detail the foundation of my speaking program. Andy Pohl and Tim Will will book all of my speaking engagements. Speeches will be 45 to 90 minutes and the cost will be negotiated at the time of the booking.

All the best and looking forward to talking to you,

Dave Rosene

For more information on getting Coach Rosene to speak to your organization, please visit our Speaking Engagements page or contact us today.