Baseball Hitting Drill to Fix Stepping in the Bucket

Teaching youth baseball hitting is more 'trouble shooting' than emphasizing one particular theory or approach. In order to prevent young hitters from stepping out during the stride, set a bucket to the left of a right-handed hitter's front foot or to the right of a left-handed hitter's front foot. 

Using a Tee to Correct Stepping in the Bucket when Hitting

A youth baseball hitting drill combining short toss and tee work can correct stepping in the bucket and/or opening the front hip too early. Throwing short toss inside and forcing the hitter to then hit the ball off the tee on the outside corner forces the hitter to utilize the same lower body mechanics regardless of pitch location. 

Use a Tee to Correct Swinging Up or Swinging Down on the Baseball

The batting tee is a great tool for youth baseball hitters who struggle with getting the bat on the proper plane. Youth baseball coaches should adjust the tee up for those who uppercut. For hitters who severely chop down on the ball, place the tee at their knees