Adjusting to Player Abilities in Basketball

In basketball, it is essential that coaches make players understand and accept their roles. Only then will players do what is necessary to be successful as a team and sustain long-term excellence.

To attain that, coaches must implement systems that best suits players' abilities. If coaches have teams that are quick and fast but small, it makes no sense to play a power post style offense. Conversely a big but slow team should not be playing an open post system which relies on ball movement and quick cutting.

On defense, if coaches have quick teams they should be pressing and trapping whenever possible while a bigger team should play defense that helps and recovers while trying to keep the ball in front of them.

Coaches that have a system without regard to player talents are doing a disservice to player development–team and individual-wise. Coaches can incorporate principles and drills that they like in practice but they must adapt to what they have. They must be conscientious and detailed enough to do what is best for his or her current team.

It will be beneficial for players in the long run and give coaches a reputation as being educators, the highest compliment, which leads to success in all areas of life.