The College Recruitment Guidance Program is designed to physically and mentally prepare high school juniors and seniors for the college baseball and softball recruitment process.

The Program focuses on the recruitment education, skills development, personal development, and recruitment support and tools required to maximize student athletes’ recruiting potential and to achieve success in the recruiting process.

The Guidance Program includes:

  • An honest, objective, unbiased academic and athletic evaluation
  • A personalized training regimen
  • An one-on-one recruiting seminar, designed to establish academic and athletic goals
  • Techniques to develop and apply traits, processes, and habits that characterize the preparation of elite performers
  • A comprehensive recruiting manual that covers key topics, including NCAA rules/regulations, responding to written communication, effective follow-up etiquette, and the negotiation process
  • A professionally edited skills video, consisting of pertinent information college coaches need to evaluate potential recruits
  • A personal biography summary sheet, containing important measurable feedback that coaches can rapidly access
  • Ongoing support to provide continuous advice and address questions and concerns

For high school freshman and sophomores, check out our College Recruitment Preparatory Program.