Dos and Don'ts of Basketball Shooting


Dos and Don'ts of Basketball Shooting


Hi kids, I’m Basketball Head! I promise that I will try to help you shoot the ball better than you ever have. And I’ll make it so much fun to practice that you will want to do it on your own.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t score immediately. The correct fundamentals always feel weird at first. It takes hard work to master the right shooting skills that will hold up under game situations. But eventually you will get positive results, which means more baskets!

You'll learn:

  • correct posture and balance,
  • where to look when shooting,
  • how to correctly follow through on your shot off the dribble,
  • and much more! 

About the Book
The purpose of this book is to make kids’ shot technique game sound which means that their shooting form will be sound even under game speed pressure (e.g., the opponent’s defense, the speed of the game or shooting free throws when they are tired). And that is a challenge because every player reacts differently in game situations. But if kids follow all our skill breakdowns, they can achieve a game-sound shot.

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