DNA Sports helps coaches and youth league organizations create an atmosphere where every player regardless of their ability level—not just the star players—has a yearning to come back for one more season. 

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DNA Sports’ softball video focuses on a player’s throwing, fielding and batting skills, not on promoting their video production capabilities. In addition, they employ their knowledge of the recruiting process and will advise the player accordingly to meet the player’s individual athletic aspirations.

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Professional Coaches Manual

How to Effectively Teach Youth Baseball and Encourage Skill Development

Youth coaching is not about winning games. It is about helping athletes master new skills, enjoy competition and develop a team first attitude. We wrote this manual to help both first-time and seasoned coaches effectively teach youth baseball and encourage skill development.


Baseball Curriculum Manual

Best Practices for Youth Baseball Skill Development

Many youth baseball coaches don't have the opportunity to learn how to effectively teach baseball fundamentals. We want to change that. Drawing on over 35 years of coaching experience, we will teach you the best way to coach the skills critical for the development and success of all youth baseball players.

Recruited: A College Recruiting Manual

How High School Athletes Can Effectively Market Themselves to College Baseball and Softball Coaches

The college recruiting process can often be a difficult and confusing process. Our college recruiting manual will help guide you through the process and make it work for you. Once you understand the recruiting rules and the necessary steps to get started, you are well on your way to realizing your dream of playing college baseball or softball.