DNA Cleveland’s mission is to support local baseball initiatives and youth baseball development in Northeast Ohio.  

Our objectives are carried out by two separate yet intertwined branches of the organization – DNA Academy and DNA Travel. 


DNA Academy’s mission is to elevate the level of coaching, competition, and participation in Northeast Ohio by giving athletes similar opportunities for growth and development within their local communities. DNA Academy offers the following programs and consultation services to meet these objectives:

·      Player development training programs for younger athletes, regardless of skill level, to establish a solid foundation and core fundamentals

·      An advanced off-season Training Academy for high school aged athletes with a holistic approach that includes speed, strength, agility, & flexibility training

·      Customized coaching clinics for house league and travel programs

·      A defined coaching curriculum with attainable outcome goals for youth baseball organizations that facilitates developmental progression across age groups 

·      Consultation services that help local leaders establish an inclusive and community based model for travel baseball that is best for kids and families


Building community through a grounded approach towards youth baseball

DNA Academy Travel Baseball is a cost covering, community based baseball program offering a multi-dimensional summer baseball experience targeting Shaker and Beachwood residents with opportunities for athletes from other communities to join as well.   DNA Travel provides a sustainable, inclusive, and affordable opportunity for competitive baseball that operates in tandem with the goals, objectives, and philosophy of our local schools and best practices as it relates to youth athletics. 

DNA Travel Baseball is financially operated in the spirit of a non-profit organization with complete financial transparency.  Excess funds are funneled back into our communities to help grow and support baseball at the recreational and interscholastic levels.

Our coaches promote appropriate tactics and fundamentals with a heightened emphasis on developing life skills that can be applied beyond the athletic fields.  While we prepare, plan, and play to win, winning is not our primary purpose.

We recognize that Youth Athletics is a multi-billion dollar industry that is often incongruent with the best interests of athletes, families, and their communities.In contrast, DNA Travel embraces a common-sense approach to youth athletics, promoting arm health programs and research based methodologies that are best for kids, in addition to using youth athletics as a means of unifying diverse populations and binding community members together.

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