Our mission is to elevate the level of coaching, competition, and participation of baseball in Cleveland’s communities. 

We provide the following consultation services to meet our objectives:

  • Create customized coaching clinics for house league and travel programs
  • Facilitate developmental progression across age groups by creating a defined coaching curriculum with attainable outcome goals for youth baseball organizations and their coaches
  • Collaborate with local leaders to help establish an inclusive and community based model for travel baseball that is best for kids and families
  • Implement affordable player development training programs for all kids regardless of skill level.

Player Development - Objectives covered in our individual and group-training sessions include:

  • Customized hitting instruction with a focus on building a more efficient and repeatable swing;
  • Biomechanically based pitching instruction with a heightened focus on arm health, throwing to different spots, safely creating movement, and changing speeds and eye levels – not just increasing velocity;
  • Utilizing video analysis to increase each participant’s understanding of the baseball swing and pitching motion, prescribing a series of customized drills aimed at correcting each player’s unique faults, and teaching each athlete how to analyze, self-correct, and troubleshoot to avoid slumps and common pitfalls;
  • Building a strong foundation for defensive skills – including proper footwork, glove position, and throwing techniques

Youth Coach Development - As an organization committed to the emotional, social, and athletic development of all youth athletes, we partner with league organizations to equip their coaches with the best possible tools and training to meet intended outcomes.  The overall mission with regards to our Youth Coach Development Program is to cultivate organized, knowledgeable, and growth minded coaches who support the participation and development of all athletes, regardless of skill level, and who adopt best practices in reference to skill development, practice organization, and coaching principles.

Objectives covered in our Youth Coach Development Program include:

  • Highlight best practices in reference to athletic skill development – throwing, pitching, hitting, and team defense;
  • Demonstrate how to run dynamic practices that keep athletes moving and having fun while illustrating how the effective utilization of high intensity, age appropriate drills that correct common problems regarding technique, athletic conditioning, and player motivation;
  • Teach coaches how to effectively communicate with athletes and parents while providing examples of positive motivational strategies;
  • Illustrate how to create a positive team culture where the application of life lessons is valued over winning;
  • Teach coaches how to cultivate a team first approach where process and growth is stressed over outcome and attainment.

League Development - We recognize that athletes and families have varying goals and expectations with regards to youth baseball.  We work collaboratively with league administrators to structure their program in a manner where all participants are prepared for each subsequent level of play by creating an age appropriate, skill based curriculum that promotes coaching consistency within age groups and development progression across age groups. Our focus on individual growth and development, as well as team building and the spirit of competition, is imperative in ensuring the best possible outcomes for every participant within the leagues we consult with.

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